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Hi, my name is


and i'm a web designer
I live in St. Petersburg. I have been developing websites for over 6 years. During this time, I have worked on over 100 projects.
I design comfortable and beautiful websites and try to make each site able to solve the business problem.
At the moment I am a freelancer, but you can hire me!
In my free time, I like traveling, Photography and learning to play the guitar.

What i do

Web design
I design modern web sites that work well on different devices from Mobile to Desktop
A good site - it's not just a pretty picture. I plan websites that are obvious and easy to use
All sites are typeset using HTML, CSS and JS. When these tools are not enough, I use third-party products, like Bootstrap, JQuery etc.


Basic tools I use are directly related to the job's specific requisit. I develop site prototypes using Axure. I compose finishing layouts in Photoshop, using Illustrator for vector graphics. Ready-to-install to the CMS Templates I typeset using HTML + CSS + JS. If necessary, I use a multitude of third-party libraries (eg JQuery).


Home page for Vistara B&B in Motueka, NZ
Planing Design Development
Online catalog of Italian kitchens shop Simoncelli
Planing Design
One of my completed projects on the rooms rental in India
Planing Design Development Made with UMI.CMS
Development of an online store electric bikes and tuning studio El-velo
Planing Design Development Made with UMI.CMS
Development of an online store women's clothing large size Lmarka
Planing Design Development Made with UMI.CMS
White goods online store Pulse
Planing Design


Web designer
Salvadoro / Freelance
In early 2013, I realized that I have enough experience, and most importantly the desire to work independently. Thus was born a small web studio "Salvadoro", which I got experience in project management, coordination of the development process as well as improve all my previous skills. Through this work, I have learned first hand the basic principles of web-studio
The main activity - a full cycle of development sites, from planning to the front- and back-end development.
Existence since 2013. The office is located in St. Petersburg
Web developer
During my work in "Altera" I went from being html coder to designer. Here I had to deal with a variety of tasks associated with the development of sites, from planning and prototyping of models to back-end development. In this company, I received invaluable experience, thanks to which, I understand all the intricacies of the process of creating the site and successfully apply their knowledge to work.
The main activity - the promotion and support of customers's business on the Internet. In existence since 2004, Altera is one of the leading Internet marketing agency in St. Petersburg.


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